According to the company, Smart Port as a Service aims to boost port operations while improve efficiency, sustainability and low the costs for all port operators.

With the solution we developed, the port actors gain situational awareness of their port area utilisation, which allows them to identify manufacturers using the port area as a short-term warehouse and to better predict potential capacity problems.

....Jussi Poikonen from Awake.AI says.

Through their initiative, Awake.Al goals to reduce shipping emissions and the costs of transport and port calls. Moreover the application will activate better planning and a shared real-time communication for all of its users.

Port digitalization and development requires close collaboration with stakeholders not only within the maritime sector, but all parties in the extensive logistic chain. Our central role as orchestrator of this ecosystem means that we make sure the ecosystem is built around trust between all its partners.

...says Karno Tenovuo, CEO of Awake.AI.

For the records, the Awake Platform provides open real-time data, with which stakeholders can interact and develop their operations. Awake.AI aims to reduce shipping emissions significantly, taking help from its ecosystem partner network, which now already includes over 50 partners.