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Collaborators to develop tele-operation technology

The international research project “5G-Blueprint” recently received European fund in order to develop how remotely operated transport can be used to make operations and logistics more efficient.

Demurrage monitoring platform to boost operations amid COVID-19

Amid COVID-19 pandemic and the negative impacts that has brought within the shipping community, it is of vital importance that supply chain remain stable. Following the lockdown of production sites or warehouses, several containers cannot be collected, leading to demurrage and detention fees to be paid by the ocean carriers.

CargoSmart, COSCO, SIPG and Tesla for blockchain technology project

CargoSmart Limited along with COSCO Shipping Lines, Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG) and Tesla (Tesla) came together and carried out a pilot project using blockchain technology in order to share data with terminal operators under real-time circumstances.

ABS issues autonomous functions applications advisory

The US-based classification society ABS recently released advisory concerning autonomous functions in the maritime and the offshore field. In fact, the “ABS Advisory on Autonomous Functionality” goals to boost these functions and its major regulatory developments.

Awake.Al boosts smart ports operations

Awake.Al recently launched a platform for maritime logistics called ” Smart Port as a Service”. Specifically, through this web platform users will have the ability to interact and cooperate with other actors under real-time circumstances. 

Insurers Considerations for Autonomous Ships

During the 2020 SMART4SEA Athens Forum, John Southam, Loss Prevention Executive, The North of England P&I Association Limited, focused on the P&I perspective of autonomous ships and new technologies in general. As he explains, with the emergence of automation, new risks have been born as well, such as new definitions or new roles. Shipping should address these changes and adopt to the new situation.