Through their previous collaboration, both sides said that machine-learning solutions have improved real-time port operations.

Namely, machine learning solutions within a ship's arrival, proved to provide much more accurate and reliable forecasts for its arrival and departure by 80%.

At the same time, computer based solution that analyzes and monitors cargo and vessels under real-time situation, activates challenging manual analysis, boosts cargo logistics planning, while improves the detection potential exceptional situations.

In light of the situation, the two companies will continue working together on predictive analysis development and maintenance and other machine learning applications concerning smart ports and their logistics chains.

 The development in ports requires cooperation with various stakeholders such as shipping companies, cargo owners, terminal operators and logistics companies. With Silo.AI’s top-notch expertise in AI, we have been able to scale and develop our multiple products for ports and shipping.

said Karno Tenovuo, CEO of Awake.AI.

Concluding, both parties goal to streamline maritime logistics operations, as their longer-term vision is to prepare ports' infrastructure ready for the era of autonomous vessels.