The drugs were detected at the port of Newark after authorities noticed an irregularity in the pin that is used to close the shipping container doors.


When the authorities opened the shipping container, they discovered 60 packages which included a white powdery substance that later was identified as cocaine.

According to Special Agent Erin Mulvey with the New York division of the US Drug Enforcement Administration, a legal shipment of dried fruit was behind the packages and the drugs had possibly been loaded near doors in order for smugglers to be able to have access to them.

As CNN reports, the ship was heading next to the Belgian city of Antwerp. However, Mr. Mulvey added that it is not yet clear if the drugs were to stay in the US or continue to Europe.

After the officials from Customs and Border Protection seized the drugs, they turned them over to agents from Homeland Security Investigations. The operation took place on February 28, and is being investigated by the DEA and Homeland Security Investigations. No arrests have been made.

The seizure is considered the largest cocaine seizure at the Port of New York/Newark since 1994. It included multiple city, state and federal agencies, along with the US Coast Guard, NYPD, and New York State Police.