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Large heroin seizure from container in Port of Felixstowe

British authorities seized approximately 398 kilograms of heroin in a container at the Port of Felixstowe on 2 August, in what is claimed to be one of the largest ever heroin seizures in the UK. The UK National Crime Agency (NCA) had identified a container ship suspected of carrying drugs en route to Antwerp.

Port of Thessaloniki seizes 52kg of cocaine hidden in container

On 2 August, authorities at the Greek Port of Thessaloniki seized a 52-kilogram shipment of cocaine coming into the northern Greek city via container. The drugs were hidden in the refrigeration system of a container that was carrying bananas from Latin America. 

Germany sees largest cocaine shipment ever seized

German customs has confiscated a record 4.5 metric tons of cocaine in a shipping container in Port of Hamburg, northern Germany. This seizure has a street value of US$1.1 billion, marking largest cocaine shipment ever seized in Germany. 

USCG prohibits visits to marijuana dispensaries

The USCG Commandant, Adm. Karl Schultz, launched a marine bulletin reminding all coast guard military personnel that the use, possession, manufacture, or distribution of marijuana is a violation of federal law and the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). The rule goes into effect immediately, and violations are punishable by up to two years of confinement, forfeiture of all pay and dishonorable discharge. 

Dubai Customs seize 274,000 ‘Jihadists pills’

Dubai Customs seized 274,000 Captagon pills, halting a drug smuggling attempt. According to the Customs, Captagon is said to be the ‘amphetamine fueling Syria’s war’ or the ‘Jihadists’ drug.’ The smuggles had hidden the drugs in the fuel tank of their vessel, believing that inspectors will not search in that hot spot of the vessel near the engine which can reach up to 60 degrees Celsius. 

Mexico detains 19 Filipino seafarers over alleged drug law violation

According to the statement issued by Mexico’s Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), 19 Filipino seafarers were detained in Mexico over alleged violation of the country’s illegal drug law. DFA stated that no formal charges have been filed against the detained seafarers yet, but local officials are cooperating with Mexican authorities. 

Watch: USCG intercepts boat smuggling 2,300 pounds cocaine

The US Coast Guard published a video on July 18, chasing a smuggling boat that was transferring illegal drugs; The USCG members found 2,300 pounds of cocaine. In the video, the suspects are seen throwing some of their cargo in the sea, but the coast guard members manage to shalt the boat before they dispose all of the bales.


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