The new crane not only will it boost the terminal's efficiency, but will also reduce berthing times and improve the safety.

The crane called "Terex 5506" measures 36 meters high, has a 51-meter boom and a 125-ton lifting capacity, and arrived on the BBC Switzerland.

Martijn Koolen, General Director of APM Terminals Progreso commented that

We are excited to receive the new crane, which is considered the best port equipment in its class ... There is a lot of potential, not only for Progreso, but also for the region and the country.

As part of the APM Terminal's plans in the region, the company has already made significant investments in modernizing the terminal, including more than USD 1 million to increase the capacity of the terminal yard by 20%, USD 900,000 to acquire two new reach stackers that will be launched in 2020.

Similar to the upgrades taking place in the Port of Progreso, APM Terminals in Gothenburg announced that a machine park will be launched, that will run on renewable fuels, following the port's aim on reducing its carbon emissions by 70% throughout the whole of the Gothenburg area by 2030.

Whereas, in November APM Terminals launched a new customer alert system which will replace the previous one, where customers will be able to receive terminal alerts via SMS (Text) or email.