Specifically, SMS and e-mails will be sent straight forward to the customers, informing them under real-time circumstances. The terminal alerts include labour shortages, bad weather and traffic warnings or port delays, allowing the customers to take immediate actions or adjust their schedule when needed.

A further function of this system is that customers have a variety of options, such as selecting from which terminal they want to be informed, since they can receive alerts from one or multiple terminals at the same time- or choose between SMS message or email alerts and make sure that they only receive notifications alerts- like gate, rail or vessel announcements .

Any issues running at the terminal, will be published immediately on APM's website. Through the SMS alerts, the registered customers will be the first to know within a few minutes. Whenever possible, gates cameras, live vessels schedules, extended free storage limits or longer gate opening times, will be provided by the terminal as alternatives solutions.

Concluding, the system offers a variety of online services, such as a real-time container track and trace information, which goals to provide more visibility and a better communication when on a demanding situation, while is available for most APM Terminals’ locations.