Specifically, the Coalition was developed by the French Maritime Cluster and goals to set a "2050 vision for maritime environmental and energy transition". Through this vision partners aim to find the exact actions in order to meet with the greenhouse gas reduction objectives, set by the IMO and Paris Accords.

Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore was one of the first societies to support this initiative as for the time being there are 22 industry stakeholders which have joined the Coalition.

The transition to cleaner and low carbon energy is a global requirement and the leadership taken by the French cluster reflects this need: both in the technology being developed for global markets and the initiatives of shipowners.

... said Matthieu de Tugny, President Marine & Offshore at Bureau Veritas.

Moreover, with the ship classification community facing significant changes due to the results of the digitalization and the emergence of worldwide environmental awareness, Bureau Veritas is making every effort to maintain and develop the technological expertise acquired in the last decades.

We are seeing new models for ship design and ship operations and as a classification society we are highly focused on helping the industry respond to the challenge of change.

...Matthieu de Tugny continued.

Concluding, with Bureau Veritas becoming a member to the Coalition, a variety of international initiatives such as the Global Industry Alliance (IMO) and the International Windship Association (IWSA) will be further boosted.