The P2 module is being constructed in The North Sea Hall.  Stig Jessen, Aibel's project director for Johan Sverdrup, praised the project team's efforts:

We are now 50% finished and are in the final stages of our design where we have soon released 50,000 drawings. This module is the very heart of the platform, it weighs 5700 tons and is very complex. That's why we chose to build it here in Haugesund, to make sure we'll finish on time and with the high quality needed in a weather-hard environment in the North Sea

Deputy Mayor of Haugesund, Trine Stokland, also congratulated Aibel on behalf of the municipality.


In total within the project, Aibel will perform approximately 2 million hours in Haugesund, and on this module, the project is now 35% finished.

At the moment, 3,500 people are working to finalize the three modules (MSF, UPM and HVDC) that make up the 25,000-ton P2 platform. The modules will be assembled in March 2021. Then one will again be able to see a landmark in Haugesund until the platform sails to the Johan Sverdrup field in January 2022.