Currently, European ship owners own 35% of the world fleet. A large number of these vessels is being dismantled on beaches in South Asia, under harmful conditions for the workers’ health and the environment.

For this reason, from 31 December 2018, the EU Ship Recycling Regulation mandates all large sea-going vessels sailing under an EU Member State flag to use an approved ship recycling facility included in the European List.

With the adoption of the updated List, the European Commission has taken an important step to help ensure that ships are recycled in facilities that are safe for workers and environmentally sound

the European Commission said.


In addition, EU Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Karmenu Vella, noted that the EU aspires to reduce the impact of EU shipping industry on the environment, through better protection of environment and workers in ship recycling.

The new yards in Denmark and Norway have been informed by the relevant national authorities, as the the EU Ship Recycling Regulation requires. The new yard in Turkey has submitted an application for inclusion in the European List to the Commission and showcased that it fulfils the strict requirements for inclusion in the List.

Moreover, 28 additional yards located outside the EU have applied to be included in the European List of ship recycling facilities. Now, the Commission is assessing whether they meet the requirements for such inclusion.

With the new update, the European List of ship recycling facilities currently contains a total of 34 yards, representing a total available annual recycling capacity of nearly 2.4Mi Light Displacement Tonnes (LDT). Additionally, a number of yards on the European List are able to recycle large vessels.

To be added in the European List, any ship recycling facility, irrespective of its location, has to meet numerous safety and environmental requirements. For facilities located inside the EU, it is for the competent national authorities in the relevant Member States to check that all necessary conditions are met, and to then inform the Commission that the certain facility should be listed.

Ship recycling facilities located in third countries, aiming to recycle ships carrying a flag of a Member State have to submit an application to the Commission for inclusion in the European List.

You may see the updated EU list in the following PDF