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Croatia becomes the 16th state to accede to Hong Kong Convention

Croatia became the latest country to accede to Hong Kong Convention, the IMO’s treaty for safe and environmentally-sound ship recycling. Now, the 16 contracting states to the Convention represent approximately 29.58% of the gross tonnage of the world’s merchant shipping.

What the Union Budget means for the Indian ship recycling: Key considerations

The ship recycling capacity of India is expected to be doubled by 2024, with India trying to bring more ships from Europe and Japan. Following the announcement of the Indian Union Budget by the Indian Finance Minister, Mr Rohit Agarwal, Managing Partner at GUIDESHIP CONSULTING SERVICES LLP, explains what this means for the Indian ship recycling sector. The budget is good on intent, Mr Agarwal says, however the key is an efficient execution in a time-bound manner. 

India to double its ship recycling capacity by 2024

According to Indian media, the Indian Finance Minister reported that the ship recycling capacity of the country will be doubled by 2024, with India trying to bring more ships from Europe and Japan.

NGO Shipbreaking Platform: Greece tops the list of country dumpers in 2020

According to the new data published by the NGO Shipbreaking Platform, 630 ocean-going commercial ships and offshore units were sold to the scrap yards in 2020, out of which 446 large tankers, bulkers, floating platforms, cargo- and passenger ships were broken down on three beaches in South Asia, amounting to near 90% of the gross tonnage dismantled globally.

COVID-19 slows safety reforms at Bangladesh shipbreaking yards

The COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily shuttered shipbreaking yards in Bangladesh, delaying safety reforms in one of the world’s most popular ship dismantling destinations which has been scrutinized several times over its dangerous and dirty practices.

BIMCO: The key gaps in EU ship recycling regime

While the EU list of approved active recycling yards has increased, the rules still don’t reflect commercial realities and lags behind on capacity to scrap large commercial ships, BIMCO said. 

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