Countries that have signed MARPOL must provide adequate port reception facilities to meet ships’ needs without causing delay. In case of inadequacy or non-existent port reception facilities, this situation must be reported accurately and in time, with the following ways:


1. Master Reporting: Masters should complete reports for inadequacy of Port Reception Facilities.

2. US Port Reception Facilities: If this happens in US ports, the facility in question should be asked to produce its US Coast Guard. Any difficulties should be reported to the local USCG Captain of the Port.

3. Port Reception Facilities Database: The IMO has a Port Reception Facilities Database (PRFD) in its Global Integrated Ship Information System (GISIS) Database. Ship owners and ship operators can use the PRFD to obtain information on specific port reception facilities.

After delivery of MARPOL wastes, operators should request a Waste Delivery Receipt (WDR) to document the type and quantity of MARPOL wastes received by the facility.