IMO 2020: A review of the transition to VLSFOs

Gard’s Loss Prevention Executive Asia, Singapore, Siddharth Mahajan and Senior Claims Adviser, London, Louis Shepherd note that the 2020 transition has been smoother than many predicted but not without challenges.

MARPOL amendments to permit electronic record books from October

From 1st October, amendments to MARPOL Annex I, II, V, VI and the NOx Technical Code will permit the use of electronic record books, to enable the accurate record keeping of movements of shipboard substances and materials that are considered hazardous to the environment.

MARPOL Annex VI effects on non-compliant vessels

Steamship Mutual attempts to examine how compliance to the Global Sulphur Cap is to be determined; what procedures will apply and what will be used to ascertain whether bunkers on board and the operation of the ship are compliant, in relation to vessels without scrubbers or other equivalent means of compliance by reference to the IMO Guidelines available.

USCG issues work instruction update on Sulfur Cap enforcement

In fact, it is said that the Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance (CG-CVC) released work instruction CVC-WI-022 with the aim to provide guidance to Coast Guard marine inspectors as well as port state control officers for ensuring vessel compliance with MARPOL Annex VI Regulation 14. 

USCG: Waste reception facilities on waivers and alternatives

In the third part of USCG’s review on Waste Reception Facility regulatory requirements, the Facility Safety Branch staff tend its focus on waivers and alternatives which allow ports/terminals and the Captains of the Port to identify alternative means in order to follow the intent of MARPOL 73/78.

Software system for oily water discharge data comparison launched

Rivertrace announced that it has created a new, web-based software system for the automatic collation of MARPOL oily water discharge data. The  software system interprets, and records oily water discharge data received from Rivertrace’s Oil Record Book Bilge Overboard Security System monitoring equipment.

Reimagining Maritime Boundaries in a Digital Age

Adm. (USCG Ret) Thad William Allen notes that we are living in a digital age and therefore industry needs to tackle with new and emerging issues. Earlier this year leaders from the Hellenic and American shipping communities came together in Athens to discuss current issues and exchange views to promote safer, smarter, greener, optimized, innovative, and sustainable shipping. 

Guidelines for use of Electronic Record Books under MARPOL

IMO’s MEPC 74 in May adopted amendments to MARPOL Annexes I, II, V, VI and the NOx Technical Code, regarding the use of electronic record books, approved as alternative of hard copy record books under the MARPOL Convention. The Committee also adopted guidelines to support the use of electronic record books.

How MARPOL applies in Bahamian Waters: The Archipelagic Baselines

The baselines for the Bahamas can be found in the Archipelagic Waters and Maritime Jurisdiction (Archipelagic Baselines) Order, 2008 Ch.282 (S.I. 107/2008)1. Based on UNCLOS’s Article 46, the Bahamas is an archipelagic state, meaning that it has specific archipelagic baselines drawn to enclose its archipelagic waters.

Alaska’s Governor stops funding for cruise ships inspectors

Alaska’s Gov. Mike Dunleavy eliminated funding for on board cruise ship inspectors. The Ocean Rangers program was established by a ballot initiative and is paid by cruise ship passengers. As the Governor said, there are other mechanisms to ensure environmental conservation.

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