Port reception facilities

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USCG: Waste Reception Facilities on fishing ports

In the last post of USCG’s series on Waste Reception Facility regulatory requirements, the Facility Safety Branch staff discusses how MARPOL 73/78 governing waste reception facilities applies to the three different categories of commercial fishing ports.

USCG: Waste reception facilities on waivers and alternatives

In the third part of USCG’s review on Waste Reception Facility regulatory requirements, the Facility Safety Branch staff tend its focus on waivers and alternatives which allow ports/terminals and the Captains of the Port to identify alternative means in order to follow the intent of MARPOL 73/78.

USCG: Certificates of Adequacy for waste reception facilities

As part of its review on the US implementation of the port reception facility aspects of MARPOL, USCG provides clarification on some of the regulatory requirements found in 33 CFR 158, focusing today on the proper documentation of Certificates of Adequacy.

Plan moves forward for maritime oil waste reception unit in Port Saïd

Under the auspices of the French and Egyptian governments and on the occasion of the State visit of President Macron in Cairo, French Ecoslops and Suez Canal Economic Zone took another step towards the implementation of a collection, reception and treatment unit of maritime oil wastes, after a feasibility study in January 2018.

EU Council approves agreement on port reception facilities

Following announcement that the European Parliament and Council have reached a political agreement on the new measures to reduce marine litter, the Council also endorsed a reform which is expected to ensure the provision of adequate waste reception facilities in ports and clarify the rules to make sure member states interpret them in a more uniform manner.

Ways to deal with inadequate port reception facilities

Compliance with MARPOL’s discharge requirements by a vessel many times depends on the availability of enough port reception facilities. Inadequate port reception facilities can raise a serious pollution threat to the marine environment. For this reason, the Republic of the Marshall Islands presents ways to deal with such situations.

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