Specifically, the UK ports import half of the food the British people consume and export 8 out of every 10 cars the UK makes. But ports are much more than just points of transit for goods and people. They are crucial drivers of investment, jobs and prosperity in coastal communities.

Thus, UK shipping stakeholders are ambitious to invest even more to update and improve the British ports; What the UK needs and the port operators are committed to developing are strong ports, sustainable for the long term, high efficient and well connected ports, both physically and digitally.

Thus, to achieve the above, shipping officials and the Government should:

  1. Having planning and development rules for coastal and port areas that encourage responsible investment
  2. Connecting ports via rail and road, and water links projects with inland locations
  3. Embedding the focus on trade with the world into government policy making and regulation
  4. Collaborating with ports and others, ensuring that ports have skilled workforce.


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