Namely, Sector/Air Station Corpus Christi watchstanders were informed by a good Samaritan of a possible offshore rig release.


After that, a Sector/Air Station Corpus Christi MH-65 Dolphin helicopter aircrew was deployed to investigate. The crew confirmed the natural gas and condensate release with a sheen expanding 300-yards by 100-yards.

Upon confirming the spill, watchstanders notified the Railroad Commission of Texas, which identified the site as orphan well State Tract 818LWell #F1.

Now, the US Coast Guard is cooperating with the Railroad Commission of Texas, Texas General Land Office and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to monitor and secure the release.

In addition, Sector/Air Station Corpus Christi personnel are issuing marine safety information broadcasts daily, in order to keep mariners informed, are performing daily overflights to monitor and are inspecting nearby beaches for any signs of impact.