Specifically, the Authority notes that the dredging operations will be conducting by dredgers, help in position by anchors.

Dredged materials will be transported to the designated dumping ground by barges, which will be assisted by pusher tugs.

During the operations the tug boats will assist the operations being conducted by dredgers and barges, and also tugs will be used to shift the dredgers and hopper barges, when required to clear the fairway for vessels to berth or unberth.

In the meantime MPA Singapore has deployed safety boats to alert other craft in the vicinity of the working area.

The Authority advises that when in vicinity of the working area, the mariners should:

  • Keep well clear from the dredger;
  • Maintain a proper lookout;
  • Proceed at a safe speed and navigate with caution;
  • Maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 25 (Pasir Panjang Control);
  • Communicate with Pasir Panjang Control on VHF Channel 25 for assistance, if required.

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