On January 26, 2019 the vessel received an e-mail according to which an individual or entity would present an official port state control body.


Specifically, the e-mail originated from an email address 'port@pscgov.org' and was sent to the Captain of the vessel asking for detailed information for the vessel, its cargo and its crew.

The master of the vessel was doubtful of the email and activated elements of the vessel security plan related to suspicious cyber attacks.

Moreover, the Captain forwarded the email to the USCG Captain of the port for investigation and feedback.

Mainly, USCG states that CG-5P Policy Letter 08-16 titled "Reporting Suspicious Activity and Breaches of Security" outlines the criteria and processes for Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) in order to report suspicious activity (SA) and breaches of security (BoS).

Also, USCG's National Response Centre (NRC) remains the primary contact for notifications concerning SAs and BoSs, including cyber.

Concluding, members can report possible attacks at National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Centre (NCCIC).