In light of the cyber attack, the company as a precaution took all affected systems offline, to understand in what extend they had been affected and acknowledge the severity of the attack.

Moreover, JFS placed cyber security experts to restore service, determine the cause and scope of the intrusion and manage any impacts.

The company added that it has contacted all authorities in the UK and notified all regulators and agencies in other national jurisdictions.

Now, the company is operating normally, after safely recovering its systems and applications using its disaster recovery backup; In addition, it makes efforts to mitigate the effects of the intrusion by completing the restoration as soon as possible.

It is not the first time that a big organisation has been cyber attacked, as in 2018, Maersk fell victim to a major cyber-attack caused by the NotPetya malware, and eight days following the attack, Maersk managed to resume taking online bookings, although some terminals (eg India) had to be handled manually.