Despite the fact that propelling marine vessels with battery power alone is still years away from a viable option, marine battery systems can be used to improve the efficiency of a ship’s on board electrical systems. Namely, by maintaining the vessel’s auxiliary generators at a more optimal load, and avoiding running generators when not needed, fuel consumption can be reduced.


More, it can support the generators with up to 1,800 kVA of power during rapid changes in electrical load such as thruster operation. This can reduce generator maintenance requirements. The battery system can also provide redundant power, thus improving reliability at sea by ensuring continuous power supply.

This exciting pilot – the first of its kind in the industry - will show the potential of battery technologies to keep improving the performance of our vessels while also reducing fuel consumption in our non-propulsion electrical systems

pinpoints Ole Graa, Maersk Head of Fleet Technology.

The battery system will be shortly transported to Singapore and installed on board the Maersk Cape Town. The first full voyage with the new system in place will take place next year and will be closely monitored to assess the performance of the system against the trial’s ambitions.

Battery modules will be operating within the container along with other electrical and control components.