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Royal Navy accompanies 7M tonnes of shipping through Hormuz

The Royal Navy has successfully guided over seven million tonnes of British shipping, which is the equivalent of almost 20 wartime convoys, through the Strait of Hormuz since the start of its maritime security commission in July.

UK’s new aircraft carrier sets sail

UK’s second aircraft carrier, HMS Prince of Wales, set sail for the first time. The 65,000-tonne warship left the basin at Rosyth Dockyard on the Forth, ready to begin sea trials. The ship was laid down eight years ago. After its sea trials, HMS Prince of Wales will sail for Portsmouth where it is due to be formally commissioned in the presence of its Lady Sponsor, the Duchess of Cornwall, before the end of the year.

Royal Navy confirms stable situation in Strait of Hormuz

The presence of the UK warships in the Strait of Hormuz has stabilized the commercial shipping operations, following the tensions in the area after Iran seized a UK-flagged tanker in the region, a British navy official reported to Reuters.

Royal Navy deploys additional medical military personnel to the Bahamas

The UK Royal Navy deploys an additional 18 military medical staff to arrive in the Bahamas and provide emergency care, surgery and intensive care to those impacted from Hurricane Dorian. The UK Navy also deployed the HMS Protector, currently operating in Bermuda, transmitting supplies such as food, water and clothing for the victims of the hurricane.


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