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Lack of experience leads to injury onboard

The Nautical Institute issued its Mars report for 2017, where it presents a case of injury of a newly-hired crew member during his first trip, that resulted from lack of experience. The report provides a description of what happened and important lessons learned to prevent similar accidents in the future.

Hydrodynamic interactions while berthing

Latest MARS report from the Nautical Institute has been released. One of the incidents contained in this report is referring to hydrodynamic interaction between two passenger vessels caused by the underway passenger vessel passing at a very close lateral distance of 30 metres at a speed of more than 6kt.

Pilot ladder magnets dangerously adrift

The Nautical Institute has recently issue Mars Report to provide lessons learned from an incident in which pilot ladder magnets broke free and recommend to closely supervise the rigging of pilot ladders to ensure that SOLAS requirements are met in relation to the shipping/landing of pilots.

Heavy grease coating is not always a good sign

The Nautical Institute has issued Mars Report regarding an accident in which the winch wire rope parted and the rescue boat deployed to the water in free-fal due to heavy grease coating.

Ferry hits island and sinks

The Nautical Institute has issued Mars Report regarding an accident in which a passenger ferry hit island and then sank.

Lessons learned from dangerous helicopter transfers

In certain jurisdictions the use of helicopters to transport pilots to and from the vessel is becoming the norm. The Nautical Institute has issued its Mars Report referring to lessons learned from dangerous helicopter transfer arrangement.

Refrigerant spray on hand is cold comfort

The Nautical Institute has issued lessons learned from the incident of an electrician who was inspecting the solenoid valve of the refrigeration gas lines while refrigerant gas suddenly released and sprayed on his hand

Lessons learned from ships passing in the night

Good planning and clear communication is important, even if it is done ‘on the fly’. In this case, the officer piloting the down-bound vessel agreed to meet ‘below the bridge’, but the exact location of the meeting was not specified

Man overboard while removing container lashings

The Nautical Institute has issued Mars Report regarding an accident in which the victim did not adhere to the practice of removing the outermost lashing only once the vessel was at berth.

Engine room flooded in ten minutes

The Nautical Institute has issued Mars Report referring to an incident in which sea water entered in an uncontrolled manner and overflowed into the engine room of a bulk carrier while entering ice-infested waters.

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