LNG bunkering

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First foreign vessel bunkers LNG in a US port

FURE VEN, a dual-fuel vessel owned and operated by Swedish chemical tanker operator Furetank, has become the first non-US flagged vessel to bunker LNG in a US port, building confidence in the case for LNG as an attractive solution for international trading vessels in the country. 

South Korea to support building of LNG bunkering ship

South Korea will support a business building an LNG bunkering ship with 15 billion won (US$12.4 million). The country plans to financially support the business building the bunkering ship by covering about 30% of the total cost.

Shenzhen to become international LNG bunkering hub

China will construct its first liquefied natural gas bunkering centre for international vessels in the city of Shenzhen, as part of a deal between Yantian Port Group, state-owned energy giant PetroChina, and city gas supplier Shenzhen Gas.

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