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New online tool connects ports worldwide

The Port of Rotterdam Authority has launched ‘Navigate’, an online tool that contains deep-sea and short-sea schedules connecting to 550 ports worldwide, as well as rail and barge connections between Rotterdam and more than 150 European inland terminals.

ECDIS: Frozen in time

ECDIS was ahead of its time until the regulators got involved. Now it’s at risk of becoming a dinosaur, argues Transas CEO Frank Coles.

Industry closer to global harmonisation of e-Navigation

A standardized guideline potentially covering all technical e-Navigation services has been agreed in an international committee under International Association and Lighthouse Authorities. The guideline can stand alone, but it is also compatible with the Maritime Cloud.

Korean Register launches new ICT Center

Korean Register has opened a new ICT (information communications technology) Center to enhance the application of advanced information and ICT across the maritime and ship classification industries. The ICT Center will focus on finding ways to apply big data to identify safe navigation in real time, to understand accident statistics and manage risk better.

Transas enters new strategic partnership

Digital solutions company, Transas and global marine electronics company, Japan Radio Company, announced their new strategic cooperation. The two companies will work together in research and development, product distribution and project collaboration, driving growth and accelerating innovation.

E Navigation, ECDIS & Autonomous Ships

Mr Willy Zeiler highlighted that e-Navigation is central to delivering tomorrow’s technology, but its powerful benefits can be exploited today. Using data as a facilitator, it simplifies tasks, reduces workloads, enhances safety and environmental performance, and delivers real economic advantages for the industry. Autonomous vessels are a natural step forward for the discipline, with connected, digitized ships that perform with optimal efficiency, safety and security.

ECDIS and Digital Products as part of E-Navigation

Konstantinos Seretis, Projects and Product Development Manager, SRH Marine Electronics S.A, referred to “ECDIS and Digital Products as part of E-Navigation“ during his presentation at the 2017 SMART4SEA Conference & Awards. He briefly explained the e-navigation concept; it includes the harmonized collection, integration, exchange, presentation and analysis of marine information on board and ashore by electronic means, therefore, ECDIS & Digital Products have major role.

Nautical Institute explains how to make S-Mode reality

Variations in the way different manufacturers display navigation systems have been a cause for concern for several years, prompting calls for a default setting across all models. The Nautical Institute strongly supports the introduction of a Standard, or S-Mode, setting on all systems.

E-navigation: charting the route to autonomous vessels

Autonomous vessels are set to be a reality in the future, but work on them is well underway in the present. Here Willy Zeiler, NAVTOR Marketing and Communication Manager, outlines how e-Navigation will help turn an ambitious concept into reality.

UKHO launches new passage planner

UKHO announced the availability of the ADMIRALTY Passage Planner. The application is intended to help bridge officers create compliant passage plans with clearance and leg-speed calculations that can be automatically updated during the planning process.

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