Borge Hetland

Borge Hetland

Børge Hetland is the CCO at NAVTOR. He believes that e-Navigation technology is the best thing that has ever happened to navigators, as if it is applied correctly it can supercharge their capabilities and help them adapt to the ever-changing, digital world.

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e-Navigation the key to unlocking smart shipping

e-Navigation is about more than getting vessels from point A to B without paper charts. Børge Hetland, NAVTOR’s CCO, argues it should be the very foundation that a new era of smart shipping is built upon, delivering transformative levels of efficiency, safety and cost control. Here he plans a direct route into the future, today.

How e-navigation will transform passage planning

During the 2019 SMART4SEA Conference, Børge Hetland, Director of Sales & Marketing at NAVTOR, shared the company’s experience from its’ involvement in European Research & Development projects to describe how the emerging technology is expected to transform the four stages of the Passage Planning procedure in the very near future. His conclusion was that e-Navigation has already started to transform the passage planning process, and it will result in enormous time savings for navigators when preparing voyages – which means increased efficiency and consequently cost savings.


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