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Jamaica declares seafarers as essential workers

The Government of Jamaica has listed seafarers among the class of “essential workers” under its Disaster Risk Management Act and has put in place measures to speed up the transit of registered seafarers through its borders.

Crew change for cargo ships under special circumstances in the port of Singapore

In view of the recent cases of crew members who are tested positive for COVID- 19 upon arrival in Singapore, which posed a health risk to the crew that travel with them, to the ships they were to join, and to the local community, MPA is working with the industry taskforce to provide more detailed guidelines to safeguard the crew change process.

Philippines launches guidelines to ease crew change

The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) of the Philippines launched the detailed procedures and health and safety protocols concerning the repatriation and the conduct of crew change, in authorized domestic and international ports in the country.

Hong Kong: A few rotten apples have brought disrepute over crew change

As the crew change remains a hot topic of discussion, the Hong Kong Shipowners Association Chairman, Bjorn Hojgaard, along with Roberto Giannetta, chairman and Hong Kong Liner Shipping Association, addressed media reports about the “irresponsible behaviour” of a few in the shipping industry.

Circumstances of seafarers’ repatriation for RMI-flagged ships

Following the establishment of expectations for repatriation of seafarers, the RMI outlined the circumstances under which seafarers must be repatriated by shipowners or operators. It also contains the entitlements that must be accorded to seafarers pursuant to RMI Maritime Regulations (MI-108), §7.52.4.

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