According to the statement

Altogether 81 ships carrying 6.1 million tons of load passed through the canal.

Among the 81, 43 vessels travelled from the north carrying a total loaf of 3.01 million tones, whereas 38 ships came from the south. In the meantime, the Manchester Maersk container vessel sailed through the canal, carrying 221,000 tons in its journey from Morocco to Singapore.


Some 12 percent of the world trade volume passes through the Suez Canal which is considered the most important and fastest navigation passage connecting Africa, Asia and Europe by bridging the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

To boost the Canal, the Egyptian government announced shipping incentives, as it decided to reduce the bills of services provided for vessels calling at Egyptian ports and transiting Suez Canal. In the meantime, according to EIA, because of its location, the Suez Canal connects the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea, and is considered as a key chokepoint due to the large volumes of energy commodities that flow through it.

Concluding, Mr Mamish added that the unprecedented record in the canal’s traffic in terms of the number and tonnage indicated confidence in the waterway capabilities.