Port of Vancouver, BC, Canada re-opened to Hull cleaning and Propeller polishing

icons/vancouver-port.jpgThe global shipping industry remains stuck betweeninternational and regional regulatory requirements andefficient cost effective ship operations.

Environmentalistscontinue to keep ships in the spotlight by focusing theirattacks on the air pollution produced by ships. Regionaland local port authorities remain focused on keeping theirwaters free of invasive species and metals like copper,nickel and other harmful chemicals potentially releasedduring routine hull maintenance cleaning and propellerpolishing.

Considering the fact that more and more localport authorities are closing the door on hull cleaning andpropeller polishing, theSubsea Solutions Alliancehasbeen focused on finding methods of performing thesecritical maintenance items in an environmentally friendlyway that keeps our regulatory authorities happy andcustomer operations efficient. Investing over 2 years oftime and resources and almost a million US dollars into theresearch and development program for an innovativemethod of Hull Cleaning, the Subsea Solutions Allianceis pleased to announce that our environmentally friendlycleaning machine has been approved for use in the port ofVancouver, Canada.

With the port of Vancouver, Canada being closed to hull cleaning for several yearsnow, the Subsea Solutions Alliance could not remain idle, considering the fact that each and every daycustomer inquiries for this critical service continued to pour in to All-Sea Enterprises LTD, the SubseaSolutions Alliance member company in Vancouver. With many customers making trans-pacific transitsonce they leave Vancouver, our clients have been very interested to have proper hull maintenanceperformed in order to save fuel and flat line their operational costs.

As such, a method of hull cleaninghas been established to capture the spoils produced during the hull cleaning process and properlydisposed of through a process approved by the regulatory bodies of Vancouver, Canada.

Employed onseveral vessels already in Vancouver with successful results, the member companies of the SubseaSolutions Alliance look forward to continuing to refine the machine and deploy additionalenvironmentally friendly machines in additional key locations throughout the world. With several key portlocations globally currently closed to hull cleaning, the Subsea Solutions Alliance is confident that otherport authorities now restricting hull cleaning and propeller polishing will follow the port of Vancouver,Canada with allowing this critical maintenance to take place without any adverse environmental impact.

Source: Maritime Executive