Mars Report 2012 - Experience Feedback

NauticalInstituteLogo_rgb.jpgThe Nautical Institute has issued Mars Report 2012- 42 regarding serious hand injury during use of deck scaler as follows:

A ship's crew member sustained a serious hand injury while using an air driven deck scaler during maintenance operations. The crew member was wiping clean the base of the scaler with the air motor running, when his glove became entangled in the moving drive belt, trapping his fingers. He sustained crush injuries to the tips of two fingers, and was medevaced for treatment and subsequent surgery. Fortunately, no amputation resulted.

Result of investigation

1 The deck scaling machine had no 'dead man' control i.e. automatic stoppage when the start control is not deliberately held in the 'on' or 'run' position;

2 The crew member inadvertently placed his hand near the gap between the belt guard and the body of the scaler, bypassing the safety barrier;

3 The crew member violated existing company procedures for the use of this pneumatic device which clearly required the disconnection of the air line before carrying out any trouble-shooting or maintenance.

Find more information at Mars Report 2012- 42; Serious hand injury during use of deck scaler

Source: Mars/ Nautical Institute