Mars Report 2013

The Nautical Institute has issued Mars Reports No.17 regarding seaman who injured during hold washing.

An A/B on a bulk carrier at sea was instructed to remove cargo residue adhering to the forward Australian ladder of the hold while the deck crew was carrying out hold washing operations.

The seaman descended to the top platform, bringing with him a fully pressurized fire hose fitted with a jet nozzle. Having cleaned the upper platform and first section of the vertical ladder, he directed the water jet downwards at the middle landing for several minutes, but was unable to dislodge a lump of cargo still sticking to the landing. Instead of turning off the water temporarily while he lowered the hose to the next level, he decided to jam the running hose's nozzle in a gap between the rods at the bottom of the upper landing.

Then, without seeking assistance from other crewmembers, he began descending the middle section of the vertical ladder, intending to physically remove the cargo. As his head came level with the nozzle, it suddenly jerked clear and whipped violently, hitting him on the face.

The whipping hose could have struck the seaman repeatedly and could have even knocked him unconscious/ off the ladder with fatal consequences, but fortunately, he quickly moved away from the danger zone, sustaining only a laceration and bruise above his right eye.

Fortunately, the C/O who was in the vicinity of the hold entrance trunk on the main deck, heard the seaman's shouts. After shutting off the hydrant, he assisted the injured person to the ship's hospital, where he was administered first aid.

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Source: The Nautical Institute