Namely, Royal Roos founded a new company for its 3D printing activities, called Royal3D B.V. Royal Roos will contribute to the development of the printer by purchasing the prototype, engineering of the printer frame and table and furthermore developing 3D printable applications for the maritime industry.

The machine is being developed by CEAD, since September 2017, and is expected to be ready mid-2018.

The machine incorporates a granulate extruder with an hourly extrusion rate of at least 15 kg per hour and prints objects with a build volume of 4 x 2 x 1.5 metres accurately and fast. 

Furthermore, continuous Fibre Additive Manufacturing (CFAM) technology adds a continuous carbon or glass fibre to the granulate adding considerable strength to the material. An internal heating mechanism prevents warpage and shrinkage during printing and allows the print to cool down in a controlled way.