Enhancing bridge alarm management and Integrated Navigation System

Raytheon-SynapsisThe German navigation system manufacturer Raytheon Anschütz announced the launch of a new Synapsis software release and hardware infrastructure, which will further enhance the bridge alarm management and add new features and capabilities to the Integrated Navigation System.

Synapsis Intelligent Bridge Control is the world's first Integrated Navigation System (INS) which complies with the IMO Performance Standards MSC.252(83) and IEC 61924-2. About two years after product launch, over 100 Synapsis systems have been contracted and more than half of them are already in operation.

Fabian Gaude, Project Manager at Raytheon Anschütz, explains:

"The new Synapsis includes main functional enhancements which affect bridge alarm management (BAM) and target management. For example, the presentation of alerts on the central alarm display has been optimized and simplified for the operator. We have also included further improvements in the classification of alerts, in the evaluation of system relevance and in the reduction of actually arising alarms. The alert management has become indeed intelligent - and we believe this will be of great help for navigators."

Major improvements have also been made with a new, advanced user management which allows to store and share user settings for either a single application or the entire navigation system. This includes the possibility to define standardized user profiles, for example those needed by pilots, or standardized settings for certain manoeuvring situations such as docking, harbor or open sea.

Raytheon Anschütz also introduces the new generation of Synapsis NX workstations, which are built on new powerful and solid-state hardware and most flexible network architecture. The Small Marine Computer is the new standard platform for all bridge applications, which can be added as modular software modules to the system. Together with the new NautoPlex data collector and converter this architecture will set new standards for simplicity, scalability and flexibility of bridge navigation systems.

Source and Image Credit: RaytheonAnschutz