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New tool evaluates performance of critical machinery onboard

Maritime cyber technology company METIS introduced an online monitoring and performance evaluation tool for scrubbers, BWTS, M/E and DGs, to address the need of a live overview for the operational status of the critical machinery equipment onboard.

ABS issues the first Product Design Assessment for HHI’s system

ABS along with Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) announced that completed a landmark joint development project (JDP) upon HHI’s Integrated Smart-ship solution (ISS) system. Namely, ABS identified the smart functions of the project and published the first Product Design Assessment (PDA), concerning project’s data infra-structure.

Panama publishes its fishing vessels tracking data

During a world leaders meeting in Oslo, Panama revealed its vessel tracking data through the Global Fishing Watch (GFW), highlighting the importance of vessel monitoring in the fishing sector, boosting transparency on enhancing fisheries management.

New blockchain solution to track temperature-sensitive shipments

Blockchain-based logistics ShipChain and GTX Corp, a provider of GPS and NFC tracking location-based services, announced a new partnership for a new global NFC blockchain shipment tracking solution, using energy-efficient NFC smart tags. The encrypted data collected from the tags will be uploaded to the ShipChain blockchain backend providing authentication and chain of custody.

Digital shipping solution receives ClassNK approval

Alpha Ori’s SMARTShip received Type Approval from Class NK. A mid size gas carrier ‘Hourai Maru’, delivered on 11th March, 2019 was the first ship certified with a ClassNK approved SMARTShip. This Internet of Things platform aims to enable the on board operation of various systems with different degrees of autonomy. It is already installed on over 30 ships, while another 60 vessels are at various stages of the set-up process.

Guidance published to facilitate container tracking

The Container Owners Association published a ‘Guide to Container Tracking and Telematics Technology’, providing container operators, leasing companies and other interested stakeholders with an overview of the technology issues that they might experience, and the choices that are available to them.

DSME presents smart solution for ship monitoring

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) launched its Smart Ship Solution, which received approval in principle from Lloyd’s Register. The application is a fleet monitoring smart ECDIS and surveillance system. 

Hapag-Lloyd introduces real-time container monitoring program

Hapag-Lloyd presented its new real-time container monitoring program ‘Hapag-Lloyd LIVE’. The program offers real-time GPS location, temperature information, and power-off alerts, among other services. In an initial effort, the company is retrofitting its entire reefer fleet of some 100,000 containers.


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