From these claims, Lanshan (Shandong province) accounted for over half (48) claims, and Ningde (Fujian province) came second with 4 claims, followed by Shanghai, Longkou (Shandong province) and Laizhou (Shandong province), each having 3.

Recommendations to ships calling or passing Lanshan port

  • In route planning, kindly take into account the fishery farms and, before the ship’s arrival at Lanshan port, kindly check with the local agent about the route to enter the anchorage and the port, as well as the distribution of the fishery farms.
  • The vessels shall maintain a proper lookout, and keep close contact with the VTS center and the pilot station. In addition, the Master shall not blindly follow the recommended route of the VTS and pilot station before the pilot attending on board.

The Master shall in light of the available information, carefully observe the surrounding sea area, and pay particular attention to the boats ahead affecting the navigation (there might be fishery farms nearby the boats), and then make the correct decision, as the Master shall be responsible for the safe navigation.

Recommendations to ships calling or passing Ningde, Fujian Province

  • Before arrival at the port, the ship shall be familiar with situation of the channel and port via local agent or authorities, formulate a proper voyage plan and avoid anchoring in this area during night.
  • After pilot is onboard, the master shall fully communicate with the pilot to understand the navigation method of the main channel and pay attention to controlling the ship speed.
  • Before entering the port, the ship shall arrange the lookout at the forecastle, prepare the double anchors (Drop the anchor out of hawse pipe, perpendicular to the water surface, ready for use).
  • If the ship inevitably enters the aquiculture farm, she should immediately stop the engine and drop the double anchors to stop the ship, and call the local agent or authority to apply for assistance.

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