Through the Shore Power Technology for Ports program, Canada and the Port of Vancouver have contributed $3.5 million to the Centerm project, for a total investment of $7 million.


The project reduces greenhouse gas emissions by giving the capability to ships to shut down their diesel engines and connect to an electrical grid supplied by renewable energy sources.

For each large ship at berth for 60 hours, over 95 tonnes of air pollutants and greenhouse emissions will be cut from the port, via the shore power facility.

Shore power technology offers a ship operators an alternative choice to running diesel auxiliary engines while docked, while it also reduces noise from with running engines. What is more it limits ship owners’ fuel costs, while also increasing the competitiveness of Canadian ports.

Canada's Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau, and Robin Silvester, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, welcomed the completion of the project. They noted that Canada is committed to eliminating GHG emissions, air pollution, and embracing new technologies.