Derelict structures such as old docks and abandoned boats are a risk to public safety and the environment. They can damage surrounding wildlife and habitat by spilling toxic chemicals like fuel, oil and paint. They can also smother and destroy environmentally sensitive habitats, and harm the quality of life for residents of surrounding communities.


For this reason, the Vancouver Port Authority identified priority sites for the Fraser River Improvement Initiative by conducting a risk assessment of all derelict sites. This involved determining the possibility and importance of the potential impact on the environment, communities and navigation.

Work on over 150 identified sites took place, with the port contacting owners and, where possible, working with them to ensure safe removal of structures or boats.

As a Canada Port Authority, our role is to keep waterways safe for all port users and mitigate the impact of port activities on the surrounding communities. Through our Fraser River Improvement Initiative, we have invested significant resources to address a number of sites that were an environmental or navigational hazard on the river and impacted local quality of life

Tom Corsie, vice president, real estate of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, stated.

Mr. Corsie added that the port authority plans to provide a high level of safety and environmental protection in the Port of Vancouver, in order to make sure that current and future generations of Canadians enjoy the benefits of trade, a better quality of life, and a healthy and vibrant ecosystem.