In response of the above mentioned circumstances, several groups of business and environmental organizations collaborated, making a broad hydrogen coalition, in order to aware the government. The wake-up call was made to remind the need of financial resources for operating subsidies up to 2025 and to furthermore provide a roadmap for the development of green hydrogen until 2030.

As an alternative way of natural gas, hydrogen is the key for Port of Rotterdam's success in reducing CO2 emissions. It is also produced by green electricity and water, making it eco-friendly and harmless for the environment.

The Port's Authorities have announced their three-step plan to adopt 100% Co2-neutrality in 30 years from now. In the second step of the plan, the port is going to construct a brand new energy system based on the use of electrification and hydrogen.

For the records, Port of Rotterdam is now under serious activities and several projects, making its efforts to improve shipping's sustainability. For instance, the production of hydrogen using natural gas and refinery fuel gas in the H-vision project, the development of a hydrogen network and the construction of a 2 GW conversion park, where it will convert electricity from offshore wind farm into hydrogen.