Thousands of people in Adabo in Central Somalia held the largest ever demonstration to demand for the release of British couple held by Somali pirates since last year.

The couple, Paul and Rachel Chandler, aged 60, and 58 were kidnapped by the Somali pirates on the 3rd of October 2009 as they were sailing on their 38-ft yacht en route to Tanzania.

There have been many demonstrations in the lawless country to demand for their release.

I sincerely too have the feelings you have in your hearts, and I regret the detention of these two old couple in our region, and I am sending message to those inhuman pirates who are holding these two aged pair to release them in the soonest possible, and thank you all for expressing your feelings towards the Chandlers to the rest of the world Mohammed Hassan Ade the District Commissioner of Adado district told demonstrators.

Somalia Pirates have demanded a ransom similar to the one they demand from a foreign cargo vessel they hijack. And the British government has officially said that they wont pay any ransom to free the Chandlers.

Britain is where most of the Somalis in Europe reside, and they are respected by the people and the government of Britain.