Specifically, the Asia-Pacific Offshore Wind Academy will be created in Singapore and will provide educational services for the regional offshore wind industry.

The Academy will provide offshore education for professionals throughout the region given that the wind industry is rapidly evolving.

It is reported that the Academy will focused on specialised offshore wind courses, offering a variety from entry to advanced level. In addition, next to the curriculum the Academy will offer tailor-made courses.


Edgare Kerkwijk, board member of the Asia Wind Energy Association commented that the Academy will prove to be fruitful as the main challenge in the region is the lack of locally trained skilled workforce for the offshore wind industry.

With the tremendous growth expected for the offshore wind industry in Asia-Pacific and the increasing requirements for skilled manpower, the training center will actively support the development of a local and regional work force for the offshore wind industry

... added Edgare Kerkwijk.

Jan van der Tempel, CEO of DOB-Academy concluded that the energy transition comes with challenges which can only be dealt with expertise and experience.