The new role will accelerate Norden’s development of CO2 neutral transportation to customers and gather contributions throughout the organisation into a united and efficient effort,

...the company explained.

The company's decarbonization agenda is in line with the ambitious target set by IMO to at least halve the sector's GHG emissions by 2050.

We want to further intensify our efforts to drive the shipping industry towards a cleaner future and offer our customers CO2 neutral transportation. We have come a long way by increasing our fuel efficiency, but it is initiatives such as testing new CO2 neutral fuel, that is needed in order to meet the targets set out,

...says CEO Jan Rindbo referring to the world’s first test voyage on a large ocean going vessel powered 100% by CO2 neutral biofuel, which Norden has undertaken.

The decarbonization efforts are focused on short and medium-term projects, to accelerate efforts in developing CO2 neutral transportation and to ensure all initiatives on decarbonisation are coordinated and prioritised, the company said.

Norden believes the ambitious GHG reductions can only be met by a combination of fuel efficiency improvements and means of ‘low carbon propulsion’.