Dr. Dakuku spoke at the 107th session of the International Labour Conference taking place in Geneva Switzerland, saying that this development will advance professionalism in the sector.


On the sidelines of its third meeting, the Special Tripartite Committee of the ILO (International Labour Organization) has agreed on a new amendment to the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006, to address a potential contractual gap for the seafarers who fall victim and are held captive on or off a ship, as a result of piracy or armed robbery.

Mr. Dakuku said that tith these amendments seafarers will be fully paid if they are kidnapped or captured by pirates or sea robbers during the course of their duty, adding that the amendment is very relevant today as there are many areas prone to sea robbery, kidnapping and piracy.

He further mentioned that in case of death of the seafarer while in captivity, the amendments will also make sure the applicability of the law until the date of death as determined, according to national laws or regulations.

Mr. Dakuku stated:

With the recent amendment ,each  Member shall require that a seafarer’s employment agreement shall continue to have effect while a seafarer is held captive on or off the ship as a result of acts of piracy or armed robbery against ships, regardless of whether the date fixed for its expiry has passed or either party has given notice to suspend or terminate it.