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ILO: Recommendations to ensure equal opportunities for seafarers

The Sectoral Meeting on the Recruitment and Retention of Seafarers and the Promotion of Opportunities for Women Seafarers took place in Geneva from 25 February to 1 March 2019. The Meeting agreed on specific conclusions regarding the recruitment and retention of seafarers, as well as the promotion of opportunities for women seafarers.

HM Coastguard: How to comply with ILO 188 for fishermen

HM Coast Guard presented a check list of compliance, highlighting the main requirements operators need to check in order to comply with ILO 188. ILO’s Work in Fishing Convention ILO 188, which came into force in the UK in December 2018, entitles all fishermen to written terms and conditions of employment.

Social justice in maritime: A continuous fight for equality?

Female seafarers marked themselves lower than the general average in the latest Seafarers Happiness Index while deck crew and officers tended to be happier than their engineering counterparts. How does the industry challenging injustice and valuing diversity though? Are any equal opportunities out there?

Workload, fatigue major barrier to seafarer’s social life, poll reveals

15% of deaths at sea are by suicide. The key question to ask when shocking tragedies onboard come to light is this: do they signify social isolation? And, what leads to seafarers’ social isolation? Recent SAFETY4SEA Poll finds that seafarers want their work to be less stressful. Increased workload and the subsequent fatigue were reported the biggest obstacles for social life onboard gathering 38% of our readers’ votes, surpassing other “barriers” like isolation from family (10%), connectivity (19%); bureaucracy (17%) and team bonding (16%).

ILO: reaching 100 MLC, 2006 ratifications

Amended on three occasions since its entry into force in 2013 in order to keep up with the needs of the shipping sector, the MLC Convention has now been ratified by 90 member States representing more than 91% of the world merchant shipping fleet. The MLC, 2006 consolidates almost all previous maritime instruments adopted throughout the century.

Thailand enters Work in Fishing Convention

Thailand is the first country in Asia to accept the Work in Fishing Convention, 2007 (No. 188), that protects the living and working conditions of fishers onboard vessels. The Convention has specific requirements related to work on board fishing vessels, including occupational safety and health, medical care at sea and ashore, rest periods, written work agreements, and social security protection.

Nigeria approves 40 IMO, ILO conventions

Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) reported that the country is able to accept 40 conventions passed by the International Maritime Organisation and International Labour Organisation focusing on Maritime Safety, Labour and Marine Environment. Specifically, the non-implementation and enforcement of the conventions has been affecting investments in the country.

Watch: ILO’s 100 years of helping seafarers’ rights

Since 1919, the International Labour Organization has built a system of international labour standards, including the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, which established minimum working and living standards for all seafarers.  ILO in 2019 is celebrating 100 years of working in favour of social justice and working rights. 

Thailand to be first in Asia to ratify ILO’s Work in Fishing Convention

Thailand is set become the first country in Asia to ratify the Work in Fishing Convention C188, which sets basic standards of decent work in the fishing industry. On 29 November, Thailand’s National Legislative Assembly approved proposal to proceed with the ratification of ILO Work in Fishing Convention No. 188, 2007 (C188).


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