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Gender pay gap still visible in the UK, North Club reports

Given that as industries, both marine insurance and shipping are traditionally male dominated, North P&I Club explains that gender pay gap is still obvious and provides tips on how could the industry “close” the gender pay gap in the future.

ITF Seafarers disappointed with new circular on AB basic wages

IMEC published Circular (20)123, explaining the differences between the ILO minimum basic wage for an AB Seaman and wages. However, the ITF Fair Practices Committee Steering Group (FPC SG), is disappointed that IMEC released the circular without prior consultation with the ITF.

List of banned ships in Indian Ocean MoU region

The Indian Ocean MoU issued a list of foreign ships which are currently banned by its Member Authorities. The bans involve two ships in Australia, three in Iran, and one in Myanmar. 

ITF: COVID-19 cannot be an excuse to low seafarers’ wages

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and the crew changes issue that has arise, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) argued that the infection cannot be used as an excuse to low seafarers’ wages and working conditions.

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