Specifically, in November, Nautilus launched its manifesto setting a high priority of "Safeguarding the future of British Maritime", aiming to improve the British seafarer employment, while also help the maritime sector thrive and enhance maritime safety.

The Manifesto calls for investments to be made in favour of the maritime education and training; stricter conditions over the issue of UK Certificates of Equivalent Competency (CECs), tighter controls on work permits and visas; the promotion of collective bargaining and the application of the National Minimum Wage to all seafarers serving in UK waters.

Additionally, Nautilus commented that the UK Labour Party was the only political party with any reference to maritime in its political manifesto ahead of the election. It further seeks to establish a national maritime strategy and improve the UK Tonnage Tax scheme.

Nautilus International general secretary Mark Dickinson stated that

To retain a shipping industry that sustains the UK's global trading requirements and underpins the nation's continued global lead as a maritime services centre, more needs to be done by government.

Concluding, Nautilus International sent copies of its manifesto to all UK political parties ahead of the December 12 election. It also approached all UK parties on Social Media. No responses were received.