Maersk Drilling estimates that the extension will commence in September 2020, lasting about 40 days. This recent signed contract is the result of Maersk Drilling's addition to a jack-up alliance agreement with Aker BP, back in 2017. The alliance focuses on common aims and mutual benefits for both of the companies.

We are very happy to continue our close collaboration with Aker BP, and to announce the low-emission upgrade for another XLE rig. The great collaborative efforts in the alliance are producing high efficiency, leading to wells drilled much faster than planned and mutual benefit for all parties involved.

...said the COO of Maersk Drilling, Morten Kelstrup.

As for the needed changes, are basically common to the upgrades,the company published several months ago. Generally, is a blend of using hybrid power with low levels of NOx emissions and data intelligence methods to low energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Sponsors and supporters of this project were the Norwegian NOx Fund and Aker BP.

Higher efficiency in itself reduces the CO2 emissions associated with a drilling campaign, and this aspect is now further strengthened by adding hybrid, low-emission technology.

...Morten Kelstrup added.

The Maersk Integrator constructed in 2015 to reduce the environmental impacts of drilling operations in the North Sea. It is currently located on the Ula field in Norway and it is estimated to finish in July,2020. Before it begin its drilling operation on the Tambar field, is expected to perform its scheduled Special Periodic Survey in August 2020.