To qualify for QS21, flag administrations must have a three-year PSC detention ratio of less than 1.00% and be credited with 10+ PSC exams per year for the last three years.

Liberia and 8 other maritime nations were all new additions to the QUALSHIP 21 (QS21) & E-ZERO list this year.

The number of new additions to QS21 in 2019- 2020 is fantastic recognition of the work that maritime administrations, owners, and crew have put into safety initiatives. It is also testament to the efforts of the US Coast Guard, who are often overlooked when it comes to handing out praise. Inclusion in QUALSHIP 21 is a great achievement for any flag, and the wider industry should celebrate the number of states making the USCG’s grade,

...Alfonso Castillero, Chief Operating Officer of the Liberian Registry, notes.