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USCG: QUALSHIP 21 status during 2020

In its annual PSC report for 2020 released earlier in May, the USCG provided an update on its QUALSHIP 21 program, which ended calendar year 2020 with 3,283 vessels enrolled (compared to 2,936 in 2019). By the end of 2020, 137 ships received the E-Zero designation, more than double the number of last year with 51 ships. 

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USCG: QUALSHIP 21 status during 2017

In its PSC Annual Report for 2017, the USCG provided an update on the QUALSHIP 21, the Coast Guard's initiative which attempts to recognize and reward vessels, as well as their owners and Flag Administrations, for their commitment to safety and quality. The program ended calendar year 2017 with an enrollment of 2,013 vessels.

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