As Xi commented

Oceans are of great significance to the survival and development of humanity as they breed life, connect the world and promote development. The blue planet humans inhabit is not divided into islands by the oceans, but is connected by the oceans to form a community with a shared future, where people of all countries share weal and woe.

He continued that maritime peace and tranquility affect the security and interests of all countries and should be maintained and boosted by all parties and stakeholders.

In the meantime, China aspires a national defence policy that is defensive in nature and champions new thinking on common, comprehensive, cooperative, and sustainable security.

Xi also urged all the cooperative parties to join efforts to address common threats and barriers at sea, and safeguard  maritime peace and tranquility.

At present, ocean-based cooperation in market, technology, information, culture, and other areas is steadily deepening

... Xi noted.

He also referred to the Maritime Silk Road project highlighting that it's aim is to facilitate maritime connectivity, pragmatic cooperation in various fields, and the development of the blue economy, as well as to promote the integration of maritime cultures and to improve maritime well-being.

China is a leading player in constructing a marine ecological civilisation aiming to tackle marine pollution and protect marine biodiversity.

Concerning Xi Jinping's vision on a marine shared future, he stated

The sea is vast for it embraces so many rivers. All countries should consult as equals, improve the mechanism for communication in face of crisis, strengthen regional security cooperation, and promote the proper solution to maritime disputes.