In fact, the new training simulator will help prevent ship and container fires onboard in order to avoid incidents, while advance trainees' strategies upon fires.

Where hands-on, onboard fire control and safety training would up to present have been costly, time-consuming and potentially hazardous, KONGSBERG’s K-Sim Safety simulators have ushered in a new era whereby trainee officers can attain mandatory advanced firefighting competence and confidence in conditions of total safety.

...marked Martin Fuhr Bolstad, managing director at the NSSR training centre.

K-Sim Safety AFFS is a real crude oil carrier designed under the STCW Advanced Firefighting courses' requirements and installed with 3D "WalkThrough" software engine combines precise object and equipment models.

Trainees will have the chance to be exposed to all the conceivable scenarios and situations to prevent and deal with onboard fires.

For the records, the simulator will include an instructor station, a debrief area, a bridge-safety command centre, two fire team muster stations and two smoke diver areas. Up to three separate teams, a management team and two firefighting teams will have the ability to be trained simultaneously.