The requirement for expansion and intensification of RAN's training program is the result of a period of growth and capability enhancement for the navy. The RAN’s shipbuilding program is currently fully occupied with the construction of new Hunter Class anti-submarine Future Frigates and Arafura Class offshore patrol vessels, while the navy will also deliver two Supply Class AOR (Auxilliary Oiler Replenishment) vessels.


The acquisition of new ship classes has increased demand within the RAN's training pipeline, that Kongsberg has accommodated with the new Full Mission Bridge simulators at the navy’s main navigation training facility at Watsons Bay.

The simulators will be used for the training of RAN Officers and sailors carrying out all levels of shiphandling, navigation, warfare, and bridge management courses.

Commenting on the delivery of the simulators, Commander Chris Doherty, Head of Command and Navigation, RAN, highlighted that:

Our simulator training requirements continue to grow and KONGSBERG has shown the flexibility to support our requirements, even in a compressed timeframe. This latest delivery reflects the depth of our partnership as well as the importance of high-quality simulator training to the safety and operational performance of our people and fleet